Recovery Preparation

There are several types of  surgeries and all range in severity, complexity and recovery. The process can definitely make the patient feel as though they are the passenger and their doctor is now the driver of their life. The one thing you can be in charge of as a patient is planning and preparing your life for the recovery process.

Home health care is an amazing opportunity to recover in your own home with the assistance of professionals. There are many studies and reports on how people who participate in home health care heal quicker than people who do not. To prepare your life for the recovery of any level of surgery, there are a few main points you should focus on.

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Recovery Preparation

  • Prepare the Home

    Before the surgery, prepare your home for your arrival after the surgery. De-clutter the floors and pathways, set up a single floor living space and move common household items to a central, accessible location.

  • Prepare the Mind

    The more you know about what to expect after the surgery, the more likely you are to have realistic expectations. Create daily and weekly goals for ranges of motion, nutrition plans and certain stretches.

  • Prepare the Body

    Nutrition is key to this! Having sufficient nutrients available for the healing tissues will allow them to heal quicker and contribute to a better overall health and wellness.

  • Prepare the Devices

    Speak with your doctor ahead of time on what devices are recommended for your recovery and how to properly use them.

With the proper planning you can make sure your road to recovery is seamless! Should you need assistance before or after your surgery, Capitol Senior Care provides non-medical home care services that can assist you with both preparing the home and preparing your body. Capitol Home Health can come out and speak with you about your devices and help you set realistic goals and expectations!

Remember, it’s your life and Capitol can help you live it in the comfort and security of your own home whenever is convenient for you!