A Better Balance Equals a Better You

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You’d never think of it, but there are tons of at home exercises that you can do to achieve a better balance and are healthy for all ages. Building muscle mass and focusing on inner balance can help reduce the risks of a fall and strengthen your lower back, thighs, calves and hips. There are a few safety tips every person should keep in mind when performing these balancing activities from home.

    1. Make sure there is another person available to spot you. This will allow you to focus on your balance as you get used to these activities.
    2. Wear smooth bottom shoes that allow catch-free step. We also recommend close toed shoes to ensure safety.
    3. Stop and take a break whenever you need to, and drink plenty of water.

    Leg Extensions

    Stand behind an armless chair and hold on to back with both hands; your feet should be slightly apart and flat on the floor. Slowly lift one leg straight behind making sure to not lean forward. Once you get to a comfortable height, hold the pose and then lower the leg back to meet the one on the floor. Make sure to start at a low position and work your way up when you’re ready. Do this 10x and then switch legs, repeat twice.

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    Calf Raises

    Stand behind a chair, holding on with both hands for support and with your feet a relaxed distance a part.  Slowly raise your heels so that you are only on your tiptoes. Hold this stance for 2-5 seconds and slowly bring your heels back down to the floor. Do two sets of 5-15 reps, depending on your level comfort.

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    Chair Stands

    Chair stands require both balance and a strong core and should be monitored. You will need an armless chair for this activity and will start out sitting in the chair with both feet flat and equal distance apart on the floor. Make sure your back and shoulders are straight. You will slowly stand up, pause, and then slowly sit back down without using your arms. Repeat 10- 15 times, rest and continue another rep when you are ready!

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