The 3rd Annual CHHazzie Awards

At Capitol Home Health we host an annual award luncheon for our employees called the CHHazzies. The awards ceremony is a play off of The Office TV show, the Dundee Awards, with our own little twist. This year we chose 11 Awards and they were PERFECT! For the award luncheon we had amazing fajitas from Pappasito’s Cantina, were able to relax a bit from our busy Friday and enjoy each others company. Then the awards ceremony began, hosted by Officer Manager Rita Spicer and the Advertising & Events Coordinator Erin DeMoss. Here are the awards!

2015 CHHazzie Awards

The Lochness Award, for the least likely to be found at their desk- Candy Glenn

The Wise Gal Award, for always cracking jokes- Alaira Clay

The Casual Monday- Friday Award, for continually pushing the limits of “business attire”- DeDe Payne

The Duct Tape Award, for being able to fix just about anything- Chad Martin

The Wikipedia Award, for having an answer for everything- Michele La Badie

The Champagne Award, for having the most bubbly personality- Amber Cox

The Baby’s Bottom Award, for being the smoothest in the office- Spencer Shults

The “One More Thing” Award, for the ones most likely to extend meetings- Jenny Jensen

The Human Megaphone Award, for having the loudest voice in the office- Judd Humpherys

The Bermuda Triangle Award, for the desk where things go in but never come out- Nadia Cisneros

The Busy Bee Award, for always being on the move- Tony Pucci

CHHazzies 2015