Caring for the Elderly

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Whether caretaking is your profession or you find yourself caring for your grandparents, parents or older siblings, it is so important to realize that you are caring for a person who has needs, requirements, preferences and wants. Every person is different and unique, and we should remember to treat them so.

Here are some tips to remember when caring for others!

Individual Care

Every person is an individual, and we need to remember to treat them as such. People have lived their lives the way they’ve wanted for this long, and to change their routine or tell them their preferences should be this rather than that is like denying them their individuality.

As long as their preference is reasonable or not impossible to deliver, try to make the effort to keep things personalized to them.


As you age, there are certain tasks that get harder and life in general does not get easier. Pain, sadness, boredom and loneliness can become the norm and dignity can be easily become compromised when personal care becomes an issue.

Incontinence and the inability to wash yourself is no fun for anyone, but as a caretaker, you can make the situation better by providing respect, doing the task efficiently and quickly and even making light of the situation!

Reliability and Dependability

When you provide care to someone who relies on you, it is of the upmost importance to be dependable. Your presence allows for so much more than you know as well as being the physical support they need for so many tasks such as going up the stairs, taking a bath and even getting up off a chair.


Communication can be a road block for some elderly because of a physical constraint like a stroke or just because their hearing has faded over the years. To make communication easier on both you and them, make sure to enunciate clearly and speak slowly enough for them to understand. Also, try to never “talk over” them in the sense that they are not smart enough to understand. Sometimes you just need to rephrase the sentence!

Ultimately, in caretaking and in all parts of life, the most important thing to remember is that everyone person is their own person. When working specifically with the elderly, they have experienced way more than you have and certain experiences have shaped them to be the way they are. This makes for an amazing job if you allow their own personality to shine through!