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Job Openings

Capitol is growing and always looking for new great additions to our teams OR for y’all to move up in the company! Here is our current job openings! Please feel free to pass on to whomever you believe is qualified and looking to join our amazing team!


Welcome to the Capitol Community Resource Guide! This was created to make your life easier. Can’t remember where to verify your time card? There’s a link! Please let us know if there’s anything not listed that you think will be helpful, this is a work in progress to simplify our lives. Thanks!

April Contest: Spring Eco Walks!

What is a Spring Eco Walk, you ask? Well it’s super simple – during your normal everyday walks you snap a selfie of you picking up trash. This will help clean up the areas of town, your neighborhood, trails, etc. that mean most to you! It requires nothing more than you doing a good deed and helping out to keep our environment cleaner!

Step 1 – Go on a walk with a trash bag

Step 2 – Find some trash

Step 3 – Take a selfie of you cleaning up your walking area

Step 4 – Dispose of the trash correctly

Step 5 – Submit the photo to Erin as your submission!

There is no limit to the amount of trash you must pick up, this activity is to help clean up the areas that you already visit and walk! If you walk a couple times a week, feel free to pick up trash every time, snap a picture during each outing and submit. The more photos you submit (different occasions!) the better chance you have of winning.

Every time you submit a NEW photo/day of you picking up trash, your name will go into a pot and winners will be pulled at random.

PRIZES: We have acquired an assortment of goodies from ordering our office supplies from Quill which will be raffled off! (Ex. Gumball machines, a 5 Piece Rachel Ray Cooking Set, a Dooney & Burke clutch, etc.) 10 PRIZES will be given out at random from me pulling names out of a hat.

Deadline: Photos can be submitted throughout the month, until Thursday April 25th  at midnight!

Remember, the more days you snap a pic of you picking up trash and cleaning your chosen spaces, the better the odds you have of winning! You can win multiple prizes, there are no limits!

Thank you ahead of time for your participation and we’re looking forward to seeing the change that this activity brings to the areas that mean the most to you. This is a companywide contest so let’s see how big of a difference Capitol can make throughout Central Texas!

*This contest is based on us trust. This means actually cleaning spaces, picking up more than one piece of trash and to not send in multiple pictures from the same outing. Thank you!

Payroll Due!

Reminder that payroll is due every other Monday by 9AM, thank you!

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