Fruits & Veggies

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This week we thought we’d take a moment to talk about all the amazing things different fruits and vegetables can do for your body and health. Something so simple can really make a difference in the way you feel.

Most vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories which is a huge plus to anyone who is trying to stay healthy. They are also an important source of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A and vitamin C.

Fruits, very much like vegetables, also provide many health benefits. People who eat more fruits as a part of an overall healthy diet are more likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic disease. Fruits also provide nutrient vital for health and maintenance of your body.

Here are some quick and easy tips on an assortment of fruits and veggies:

  • Limes: Remove toxins from the body
  • Cherries: Strengthen the heart and circulatory system
  • Sweet Potatoes: Help heal IBS and digestive issues
  • Lemons: Alkalinize and cleanse the liver
  • Oranges: Helps with sinus and respiratory issues
  • Blueberries: Balance blood sugar and help to prevent hypoglycemia
  • Bananas: Have powerful antiviral properties
  • Cauliflower: Is helpful for asthma and kidney disorders
  • Currants: Purify the blood and reduce anemia
  • Cabbage: Helps reduce body fat
  • Apples: Help prevent depression and decrease anxiety
  • Pineapples: Burns fat and tones the stomach
  • Basil: Reduces swelling in the joints and relaxes muscles
  • Cucumbers: Flush bacteria and viruses from the body
  • Melons: Hydrates the skin and nails
  • Grapefruits: Have important antioxidant benefits due to presence of lycopene
  • Papayas: Reduce high cholesterol levels
  • Pears: Can help reduce the risks of forming type 2 diabetes and heart diseases
  • Kales: Can reduce the risk of cancer
  • Carrots: Contain an abundance of vitamin A which can improve your vision and prevent eye disease
  • Avocados: Can lower cholesterol and helps control blood pressure

As we age, it is very important for us all to become more aware of what we’re putting in our bodies and the health benefits that are prominent in fruits and vegetables. Simple replacements can make a huge difference down the line! Enjoy!