Healthy Aging Tips

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Continuing back from a previous blog, here are some additional healthy aging tips for everyone to consider, not only older adults. By adding these tips to your daily routine you can allow yourself to have a noticeably brighter approach to aging!

Manage Stress

Stress makes one more prone to illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia, which are particularly harmful to older adults. There are certain ways to combat stress which include inserting yourself into social settings or groups, picking up a new hobby like knitting or gardening and then of course there are certain activities and exercises that can help manage stress as well. Some gentle, low impact activities include:

    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Tai Chi
    • Water aerobics
    • Bike riding
    • Leisure walking
    • Gardening

Prevent Falls

Falls can have a drastic impact on older adults, resulting in bone fractures that can possibly require long hospital stays, hip implants or therapy. The good news is that falls don’t need to be an inevitable part of aging though! Make sure that your daily environment is safe from fall-related hazards by implementing the following tips:

    • Remove loose rugs
    • Add handrails to walking areas
    • Put sturdy hold bars in the tub and shower area
    • Add a seat to the shower
    • Consider adding a lift chair, which can lift forward as well, to help people get in and out of chairs.

By applying these tips on managing stress and preventing falls from our previous Blog, which covered being active, eating well and getting your sleep you are taking the needed steps to implement a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to share these tips with everyone in your life because it is never too late or early to take control of your life!