When is Hospice the Right Choice?

Written by: Bryan Weil, RN,  Administrator & Director of Patient Care for Capitol Hospice 

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Making the choice to place a loved-one on hospice is never an easy decision. Many people wait until the very end of life to take advantage of all the benefits that hospice can offer. Hospice can provide the following benefits to all patients and families:

  • A dedicated hospice physician to oversee all medical issues
  • Freedom from having to leave home to see a medical professional
  • Regular weekly visits from a Registered Nurse
  • Assistance from Hospice Aide with showers, etc.
  • Regular visits from Hospice Chaplain for spiritual assistance
  • Regular visits from a social worker for resource assistance

Additionally, Medicare understands that patients and their families have other needs, and provides the following while under care of hospice:

  • Medical equipment such as: hospital bed, oxygen, shower chair, overbed table, wheelchair, bedside commode
  • Incontinence supplies such as: diapers/pull-ups, wipes, gloves, underpads
  • Dressing supplies for wounds
  • All medication related to hospice diagnosis
  • And much more…..

Capitol Hospice believes that a patient’s life limiting disease effects more than just the patient; it affects the entire family. Our mission is to be a support system for the entire family. Having the hospice team to assist in the care of your loved-one can ease the burden and stress that many families feel during this time. Our major goal is to help the loved one stay at home (or wherever they live) and be comfortable and pain free. Most hospice patients never have to go to a hospital again.

Anyone can make a referral to hospice, and it is completely confidential. Our experienced and compassionate staff will gladly speak with you in person, or on the phone, to answer all of your questions.

Please call 512.637.6928 to speak with one of our staff members at any time, so you can determine if having your loved one on hospice is the right decision. It’s never too early to begin taking advantage of all the benefits that hospice has to offer.