Productive After 65

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Retirement. This one, simple word brings on so many different emotions to everyone: relaxation, joy, success- the list goes on. After working for the majority of your life, you finally have time to settle down and enjoy the daily activities that you’ve always been too busy for. Whether you’ve been dreaming of sunny days gardening, playing golf or spending them with friends and family, it is still very important to remain active and productive.

Many retirees have realized that all this “free-time” isn’t resulting in the lifestyle they want and spend time wondering how to make their new life productive and meaningful.

Studies have shown that taking part in activities or groups allow you to create something new or make a difference in the world. The main thing we all need to remember is that it’s okay to allow your definition of productivity to change. Try imagining that productivity will now relate to having fun and feeling purpose, not delivering results and stress.

Here are a few ways to be productive after 65:

Learn a New Skill

Have you always had an urge to learn a new language, how to play an instrument or how to paint, but never had the time? Guess what! This newfound “free time” allows you the opportunity to learn these new skills and broaden your horizons without sacrificing anything else! Whatever your interest or abilities are- you can now do it!


Do not confuse volunteer work with a job. Volunteering can provide you with the feeling of being productive and having purpose! Channeling your energy into doing something positive for someone, something or someplace is among the absolute most rewarding feelings you can experience.

Retirees make up some of the best volunteers out there. You can use your years of experience in the workplace and in life to contribute meaningful changes in the organization you are volunteering with. Whether you volunteer your time with your local church, homeless shelter, animal shelter or soup kitchen, remember, you are making a difference.


Why not take advantage of your years of savings and staying close to home and collect new memories? Traveling during retirement is one of the best ways to stay productive and enjoy new experiences. There also are a plethora of travel groups specifically geared toward retiree travel that can help with all the logistics so you can enjoy all of your time!


Art, writing, crafts, knitting… the list is endless. Retirement can lend your time perfectly to tapping into your creative self. Take the time to work on your long-awaited novel, finish a new bed quilt or even step outside and left mother nature speak to you!

Engage with Others

Use your retirement to reach out to others and engage with friends, both new and old! The world is full of others that are in the same blissful boat that you are in and would love to generate new memories and experiences with you. Our sister company, Capitol Senior Care, can help you with all of these tips should you need any assistance or would like companionship!