Aging & Spring Cleaning

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With Spring right around the corner, it’s always good to start thinking about what tasks you want to do to organize your life and your home. Caring for your home is a large task and sometimes can be unmanageable for our aging loved ones. Along with a clean home, it’s also important that their living conditions are safe and sensible. Whether you are their caregiver or someone else is, there are some easy tips to help make this year’s spring cleaning a breeze!

Make a checklist:

Write down all the tasks your loved one would like to get done and then add on any extra safety measures. Lists are key to a proper plan and organization.


As someone gets older, it may mean reorganizing items to be within arm reach to minimize any risk of injury. Having things effortlessly at hand makes daily tasks much easier.

Cleanliness & hygiene:

A clean living environment as well as good personal hygiene is crucial to a senior’s health and well-being. If there are signs that either or both are declining, it may mean that they are unable to complete these daily tasks and you should consider additional care.

Recruit a team:

Socializing with friends and family is extremely important for seniors. What better way to get the spring cleaning out of the way than to make it a group effort!

Clear the clutter:

Keep the best, throw the rest. This task is not an easy one, but is crucial. Too much stuff creates clutter which then creates an unsafe, unsanitary and possibly dangerous living space for our loved ones.

Keep your loved one involved:

It is after all their home, so make sure they feel included in this process.


Make sure your loved ones home is a safe place for them. Check all emergency devices for fresh batteries, create an accessible emergency phone list and regularly check their medications.

Aging and spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a downer, but make sure you are not allowing your aging parent’s or loved ones do it alone! Should you like help, Capitol Senior Care can assist with this process and a range of other daily tasks that may become difficult with age.