Surprising Stress Triggers

Everyone experiences stress in your life, but you typically associate it to obvious or negative sources- money, work commute, that 10 minute long red light by your house. Studies have shown that there a handful of surprising stress triggers, strains and challenges that may not overwhelm you in the moment, but definitely can take toll over time. Here are some unexpected reasons why you might feel anxious or agitated and by recognizing them, you can better prepare to cope.

Social Media

Social Media is a part of almost everyone’s life, sometimes you check it without even paying attention, but this activity can cause stress in your life. It can make you aware of others stressful situations, which in turn can add more stress to your life. Studies also show frequent use can be linked to negative body images or prolonged breakup pain.

Your Expectations

It is human instinct to be upset or defensive when things don’t go as planned, but this can led to a pessimistic mindset that can wear you down. Be realistic when setting goals.

Your Reaction to Stress

We’ve all been there, stress comes along and we reach for the junk food or skip the gym, even stay at work extra late. We think we’re  dealing with the stress, but we’re actually adding to it and making it worse. End the downward spiral before it starts and don’t indulge in these activities, instead do a physical act or have a healthy snack!


We’re all guilty of multitasking and chances are we all know that it typically decreases our productivity, yet we still do it. Stop. Focus on one task at a time to ensure it’s the best that can be done and you’ll save yourself from fixing it later which leads to stress.

There are so many other triggers such as education, your pet, housework, uncertainty, digital devices, even your “good” health, but the key is to know how to deal with them when they arise. Make note of what your main stressors are so next time you are prepared to cope!

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