Tips to Stop Back Pain Before it Starts

No matter how old you are or what occupies your days, back pain happens. The good news is there are a couple of tips that can stop back pain before it starts that everyone should be aware of. From proper posture to a simple change in your nightly routine, these tips are definitely ones you want to implement to stop the back pain before it starts!

Sit pretty.

We all know that posture is key to eliminating back pain, but your chair is also very important. You do not need the most expensive or fancy chair out there, but make sure to get one that provides proper support so your back forms an “S” not a “C”.

Stand tall.

Again another posture related tip! Try to stand with your ears, shoulders and knees all stacked on top of each other, then your head should sit right above your shoulders.

Don’t smoke.

Here’s another reason to either not smoke at all or to try and quit. Smokers are more prone to lower back pain than non-smokers because the smoke reduces the blood flow to your spine.

Lift correctly.

When lifting heavy objects use your legs, not your back. When lifting light objects, lean over, bend one knee slightly and extend the other behind you or use a chair or similar object as a crutch.

Downsize your pillow.

Studies show that 2 or 3 pillows under your neck at night while you sleep will result in strained back muscles- try to stick to 1.

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By even implementing a couple of these tips in your life you are lessening your chance at back pain. There’s so harm in any of these tips so go on ahead and hive them a try!