What to Eat When You’re Stressed?

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What to eat when you’re stressed? Yes, there are some superfoods that help combat stress!

Stress can come in many forms. Some are easy to spot like headaches or decreased productivity and some we do without even thinking about it, like over eating. Everyone has done it, even though we all know we shouldn’t have eaten that whole bag of potato chips or overindulged on sweets and sodas.  These sprees are not only bad for your health, but also really do nothing to relieve the initial problem, stress.

Good news is that there are actually some superfoods out there that health officials encourage us to eat while we are stressed because they can help stabilize blood sugar and our emotional response. Yes, you read that right, stress eating can help when they’re these superfoods! Here’s a list of what food is safe to stress-eat and why.

Dark Chocolate

You can still get your sweet fix in! Research shows that a regular, small amount of dark chocolate can reduce your stress hormones and can lower blood pressure thus improving circulation. Make sure to choose the bar that contains at least 70% cocoa.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Go Green! Skip the burger and grab a leafy salad, it contains folate which produces dopamine that helps you keep calm.


Avocados are truly a superfruit because they trigger you to feel full which leads to eliminating stress eating before it starts. Adding a small amount into your everyday diet will help you feel more satisfied.

Turkey Breast

We’ve all probably participated in a food coma (or two) after Thanksgiving, the turkey is to blame. The amino acid, serotonin, is high in turkey breast and helps regulate feelings of happiness and well-being! Snack on a small portion and it can have a positive effect.


Salmon is full of omega-3 and can counteract the negative effects of stress hormones. Just a 3-ounce serving is more than double the daily recommend intake for people with heart disease.


Everyone always says that carbs are the enemy. Guess what, complex carbs aren’t! Having oatmeal will help your brain produce serotonin without causing a spike in your blood sugar.


Yogurt has tons of probiotics, calcium and protein in it, and with all those positives you can’t go wrong adding more of it to your diet.


Got Milk? Even though the commercials have faded, milk is an excellent source of vitamin D, which boosts happiness!


Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flaxseed are full of magnesium which helps regulate emotions so you can stop stressing before you even start.


Cashews are my favorite superfood, they are loaded with zinc, which helps reduce anxiety and then also pack in omega-3s and protein.

To see the entire article, continue reading here. http:/www.cnn.com/2015/04/13/health/superfoods-stress-relief/index.html

Let us know which of these superfoods your favorite is!