Work Place Hacks

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It happens to everyone, let’s be honest, work place distractions are everywhere, but there are some great work place hacks that can help! From loud co-workers to that new DIY project you’re wanting to try, concentrating on work for eight hours straight, five times a week is almost impossible.

If you’re struggling to remain sharp and focused at work, here are a few tips to help you tackle the work day with ease!

Take breaks.

You may think this is what you need to avoid, but breaks work! Research has shown that adding in time blocks for breaks into your daily schedule is crucial to maximum productivity.

Eat citrus.

Even the scent of tangy fruits cab help improve alertness. Not to mention that snacking on oranges or lemons can help you get your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.

Stand up.

You should NEVER, we repeat never, stay sitting down for the workday straight! This is a definite way to lose focus and is very unhealthy. Make it a point to stand up often to get your blood flowing throughout the day.

Schedule late afternoon meetings.

3 PM is the suggested time as it allows ample preparation time and will still allow you complete any necessary tasks before the day is up.

Schedule walking meetings.

This hack is a great one. Exercise, fresh air and no computers!

Deep breathing exercises.

Inhale… exhale… repeat. Deep breaths are your body’s built-in stress reliever and remember, a relaxed mind is a productive mind!

Leave your work at work.

There’s many things that help blur the lines of work and home, be sure not to succumb to continuously checking your email or company social media when you leave the office for the day.

Give these tips a try and let us know if they help your workday become more manageable- I know they helped me!